Innovative Software Requirements

28 May 2016
16:00 - 18:00
Hall 2

Innovative Software Requirements

Dr. Islam El-Maddah

Professor, Ain shams University

Software industry is going rapidly and many programs are emerging every day. The chances for competing with others increases when coming out with innovative ideas, however creativity is always accused with being delaying factor to software rapid industry.

Goals and objectives
By the end of this tutorial attendants will be able to

  1. Understand the need for innovation in software requirements
  2. Utilize mind-mapping, creative thinking processes
  3. Pick up successful requirements and features from existing systems
  4. Being able to apply analogy between existing application or domains

Gathering requirements to develop and fulfill the customer needs is not the limit. The successful analyst should elaborate and add new requirements that can create successful and competing applications that exceeds the limits of the customers.
Instead of creating doubtful new ideas successful features and innovative requirements will be harvested from fruitful trees (previous successful applications) using number of good techniques like TRIZ, mind mapping


Requirements Analysis, mind mapping, TRIZ method for innovative problem solving, lateral thinking, use case model.

Target Audience & Prerequisites 

Researchers, Practitioners, Managers, Educators

No special background but software domain knowledge like requirements design use cases will be of some aid to maximize the benefit

Tutorial Level