Day 1
28 May 2016
Day 2
29 May 2016

Managing for Innovation – Practical Approach to Foster Innovation within your Enterprise

Motaz Agamawi  Innovation Senior Manager Goals and objectives In this workshop we will discuss the concepts of managing for innovation and how to foster the innovation culture within your team. A high level view about innovation culture building strategy formulation and innovation initiatives design framework will be illustrated. Case study for an internal initiative and its results will be discussed....
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Motaz Agamawi

Innovative Software Requirements

Dr. Islam El-Maddah Professor, Ain shams University Theme Software industry is going rapidly and many programs are emerging every day. The chances for competing with others increases when coming out with innovative ideas, however creativity is always accused with being delaying factor to software rapid industry. Goals and objectives By the end of this tutorial attendants will be able to...
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Africa and Software of Things: Engaging the Knowledge Olympiad

Okwu Marcus , Software Architect, AFICTA Nigeria


The knowledge Olympiad is here and Africa must step forward to be counted and digitally ready at all levels, if she must survive the emerging critical challenges, traumatic impact as well as secure the opportunities and benefits presented by ‘globalization order’ of the 21st Century. Competition had always been the Hallmark of appraising human development at traditional and modern levels. In the Stone Age as we know it, physical muscle was the measure to determine right and progress.Today, Humanity lives in a ‘Software-first’ World, where Innovation and disruptive creativity has become the center of gravity of life and significance of human existence. And by extension – in my professional evaluation – the most constructive, disruptive, (or obstructive) and strategic pathway to Africa’s future and survivability, resides in the mastery, application and sustainable control of her Intellectual Capital. Africa must innovate or be digitally enslaved. We must move from abject consumer to respectable creator and producer – with special reference on how to aggregate her Software potentials, skills and capacities for global competitiveness. This Keynote focuses on the concept of “Africa and Software of Things” (ASoTs) within the context of IoTs therefore addresses the vision, mission, mechanisms and dynamic approaches for developing the continent’s inter-connected knowledge architecture and Framework – as a creative response for the emerging impact of Internet of Things & Everything. The keynote will make useful recommendation for adding incremental value to Africa Software Ecosystem – through Africa Software of Things (ASoTs).
Okwu Marcus Eke

Bringing Higher Value from your off-shore Development Center Through Innovation

Hicham Arafa, R&D Director, Valeo Egypt


It is usually starts as a low cost destination and by time if success is proved, teams starts to gain experience, knowledge and then know-how. This happen when center strategic management vision, knowledge management, talent management and innovation management integrates together. Moving upward the value chain leader through continues value creation, competency building and competitive offering is the only guarantee for the center not just to grow but even to survive.
Hicham Arafa

Innovating in a Digital Edge

Okwu Marcus Abstract Most people are yet to realize how rapid the digital revolution is and how smart is breaking down old institutions. Of course they are mostly technology centric. Companies like Facebook, Uber, AirBnB, Jumia, Interswitch, Alibaba, Google , Amazon In just a few years have changed the face of digital economy. And of course hundreds of thousand start-ups...
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Okwu Marcus Eke